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The Caldecott Fourth Bore Project is composed of four construction contracts.  The project to build the fourth bore is by far the largest. Two smaller projects will facilitate traffic movement in the area and another project will landscape the staging areas after construction is complete.

Caldecott Fourth Bore

The project was awarded to Tutor-Saliba Corporation in November 2009. Construction began in February 2010. The tunnel opened to traffic on November 16, 2013.

Kay Street Project

The Kay Street Project was awarded to Ghilotti Brothers Inc. Construction began in February 2010. The project was completed in mid-June 2010.

Route 24/Highway 13 Interchange Project

Route 24/Highway 13 Interchange Project was awarded to RGW Construction Inc. Work began in January 2010. The project was finished in September 2010.

Landscaping Project

The Landscaping Project will be implemented in 2014. This project includes a plant establishment period, when the contractor oversees the newly planted landscaping to assure that the plants are thriving. After that point, responsibility for the landscaping is handed over to Caltrans to maintain.