Human imagination can make miracles. When it comes to inventing new things, engineers are at the top of the list of creative individuals. For their achievements, another top list must be created and it talks about the most amazing buildings in the world. Some are bigger, some are taller, but one thing is in common for all of these creations. They are astonishing! Here is the list of the most spectacular creations that are simply breathtaking.

Burj Khalifa


Officially the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa has something that no other building has. More than 2700 feet are standing proudly and one look can not cover this massive construction. There are 163 floors and 57 elevators. It was designed by popular specialist for this type of architecture pieces, Adrian Smith. He was responsible for all basic designs and interior appearance. Just like any other miracle, this took some time to come to light. Many people believe it was not too long. Only six years were enough to finish it and this piece of art became the tallest in the world. The name Burj Khalifa was given in honor of Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the ruler of Abu Dhabi and the president of the UAE. He was considered as the important person who developed the whole economy of the country. One of the most amazing projects was part of his contribution as well. Burj Khalifa stands for the name of luxury and architectural achievement. This skyscraper is also a symbol of Islamic culture and its shape speaks for it. Characteristic Y-shape is made to support the base of the building and to withstand the most extreme weather conditions of this region. If you have a chance to visit this residual and hotel resort, you will certainly be amazed by its height.

The Great Wall of China

Wall of China

When you want to defend your people from the attacks of other people, build a wall. This was the thought of rulers of Ming Dynasty in China during the long period of time. The Great Wall of China is the longest human construction in the history. It is 8,850 kilometers long and it was built by using all kind of materials that can be found in nature. Wood, brick, stone, metal, concrete. All of these served the purpose to protect the Chinese nation from invasions of tribes. The wall was also important for the popular Silk Road and transportation of all kinds of goods. Chinese rulers wanted the complete control over the trading and many people were located in several parts of the wall. They had an instruction to be some kind of border control. Nothing could be imported or exported without their knowledge. So many historical and cultural stories are created about the wall and one of them is the story that the construction can be seen from the space. Most studies show it is not true, but it is still a popular opinion among the people. No matter of this fact, the Great Wall of China stands for the longest construction in the world that speaks about the power and history of Chinese culture.

The Panama Canal


The nature can be changed and humans prove it. This statement has a very obvious construction and it is the Panama Canal. Engineers managed to build the canal that connects Pacific and Atlantic Ocean. It is 77km (48-mile) long and it is a huge help in overall ship traffic. Thanks to the canal, most ships can transport more goods than usual. Commercial usage is possible since June, 2016. When it comes to the history of the canal, it is pretty interesting. France first started the building and Americans continued the constructing and opened the canal during 1914. Until that time, the Panama Canal was the most challenging project ever made. Creators and people who worked on it succeed to change the natural shape of the land, which is an amazing achievement. Many associations consider the Panama Canal as one of the seven wonders in the whole modern world. This statement is there for a reason. It is a proof that people can really make superior constructions with some inventive ideas and strong dedication. Everything is truly possible when you have a plan to build something miraculous.

The Milwaukee Art Museum

The link to Saarinen here is that Eero is responsible for the building next to Calatrava’s monumental winged Milwaukee Museum of Art. Like the Gate Way Tower, the building gives a Midwestern town a world-renowned architectural gem. Different, however, is that the wings of the Milwaukee Art Museum move over Windhover Hall.

Flatiron Building

Flatiron Building

Daniel Burnham, who worked out of Chicago, Illinois, rivals Louis Sullivan in the “father of American high rise building” stakes. The Flatiron Building, originally known as the Fuller Building, brought significant height to Manhattan’s skyline. It’s built on a steel skeleton, which allowed the structure to reach 22 floors. Art historians recognize the Flatiron Building for appearance in Edward Steichen’s photographs, solidifying its place as an early icon of American modern life.


Pan-STARRS is an acronym for Panoramic Survey Telescope & Rapid Response System. It is an innovative design for a wide-field imaging facility developed at the University of Hawaii’s Institute for Astronomy. In order to observe entire available sky, the engineers combined relatively small collection of mirrors with a large digital camera consequently produced an economical observing system. The prototype single-mirror telescope PS1 is now operational on Mount Haleakala; scientific research program is being undertaken by the PS1 Science Consortium, a collaboration between ten research organizations in four countries. A key objective of Pan-STARRS is to identify and characterize Earth-approaching objects, both asteroids & comets that might create a danger to our planet. It’s also ideal for research in several other astronomical areas, particularly those which involve an aspect of time inconsistency. Pan-STARRS make it to see the Objects in the Inner Solar System and it is also capable to see the object outer the Solar System and now we can see Galaxy properties better than ever before.

Olympic Stadium (The Bird’s Nest)

Olympic Stadium

This stadium might be the only thing we remember from the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Swiss firm Herzong & de Meuron looked to traditional Chinese ceramics for inspiration and employed iconic contemporary artist Ai Weiwei as artistic consultant. One of the few sporting venues that truly stands as symbol of a city.


The Greatest Steel Structures In The World

One of the most popular material which is widely used in construction all over the world is steel. Its availability is featured in many varieties and carbon steel is one of them. Carbon steel is a unique kind of carbon and can be categorized as a high carbon steel. It is comparatively very hard and brittle and hence commonly used in construction of popular buildings all over the world. In each part of the continent, we have buildings that soar to unimaginable heights, bridges that enable us cross the widest rivers and sculptures that make make nations unite. Sometimes we focus on this forgetting that many of the iconic structures the earth holds would not have been possible without steel Traleda on Google.

The Greatest Steel Structures In The World

The Beijing national stadium.

steel beams from Traleda

The Beijing national stadium, one of the most magnificent steel standing structure stands at position one among the greatest steel structures. It is also commonly known as the Bird’s Nest stadium. It has an architectural wonder design build by more than 35,000 tons of steel. Its beautiful appearance show the greatest efforts of the Chinese people.

Empire state building.

Empire State Building

This is found in the New York. It is the most iconic building in the New York. Its construction was done way back in 1931. It was was constructed by steel and the frame weighs a hefty more than 52,000 tones. It stand s with the pride of being the first ever made skyscraper.

Sydney Harbor Bridge

Harbor Bridge

This is the world’s largest arch steel bridge.it is located in Australia and it acts as their international symbol. The total steel used weighs up to about 52,000 tones. It a bridge of its own kind as it an incredible eight traffic lanes, two train line, a cycle path and a footpath.

Burj khalifa

Burj khalifa

It is currently the tallest man-made structure on earth. It is located in Dubai and it stands at 829.8 m. the building has 163 floors and a 250m long fountain that shoots water up to 150m into the sky. Amazingly the amount of steel used in 34000 metric tons. It is a structure that creates a worldwide attention. In conclusion the world’s Greatest Steel structures are the beautifying points of the towns they are found in. they stand tall and exist for a long time.